Blue Mind

June 2015, Arrawarra  
"Water is changing all the time, but it’s also fundamentally familiar. It seems to entertain our brains
 nicely with novelty plus a soothing, regular background. Envisage yourself being by the water: the
 sounds, the sights, the smells, all changing moment to moment yet essentially staying the same. It’s
 regularity without monotony — the perfect recipe to trigger restful involuntary attention." 

- Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind



Ravensbourne, Toowoomba
May-June 2015
Actually I should write a long text to that post but I will keep it short: 
This has been a weird month. We lived with a weird guy but we still had a good time and we enjoyed
 our almost normal everyday life. Though our main reason to stay was saving money we realized that
 money is worthless. You can't buy happiness, family and health even if you're the richest person...


The Tropical North - Port Douglas

That's what happens when you have millions of photos to upload..you forget some..well here are some photos of our day trip to Port Douglas. 
When I look through these photos I realize that it was quite nice over there. I kinda forgot about that, too.  Time goes by so fast, it's incredible.